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Derwent Valley

This was a walk round the eastern side of the Derwent Valley that six of us from urw managed to fit in one Saturday in January 2001. We set off from the National Park Information Centre making our way onto the open moor via Shireowlers Plantation and Lost Lad. From Back Tor we headed north to Cartledge Bents, Margery Hill and Outer Edge before cutting across to Crow Stones and then dropping into the valley via Stainery Clough to return to the carpark along the side of Howden and Derwent Reservoirs

The towers of the Derwent Reservoir Dam
This was one of the places which were used by the Dambusters to train during WWII.

Up on the top of Back Tor amongst the stones

Looking west from High Stones over Cranberry Clough
towards Bleaklow on the left and Margery Hill on the right


Icy peat and smoke from heather burning near Margery Hill


Patterns in rock and ice at Crow Stones


Martin catching some rays


Ian snaps the photographer from Crow Stones

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