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The Blue Mountains

A two day walk along the Grose River from the Victoria Falls to Govett's Leap

This is hill walking in reverse. You start at the top, on the ridges where the roads and towns are. Then descend into the unspoiled valleys which are filled with gum trees and fern forest. My walk started from the lookout above the Victoria Falls, a short taxi ride from the station. From here I made my way into the Grose River valley which winds its way through the Blue Gum Forest before coming to the camping site at Accacia Flat. From there the path follows a tributary as it climbs out of the valley past the spectacular Bridal Veil waterfall at Govett's Leap. And then at the top rather than follow the road I took another path to lead me back to Blackheath. Where I found I had just missed the train and there wasn't another for hours.


Sitting by a cascade above the Victoria Falls

The Grose River near Burra Corrain Flat

There's a path in here somewhere

Waratah Telopea specissima the floral emblem of New South Wales,
flowering in the shade of the forest Govett's Leap

The waterfall from the bottom

The view from the top

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