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The Snowy Mountains

Scenes from a trip to walk up
Mount Kosciusko - Australia's highest mountain

A rainbow seen from the Omeo campsite at sunset

A two day drive from Melbourne to Thredbo via the Omeo Highway and the Alpine Way then an eventful trip to the top of Australia to be greeted by Scottish weather! I took the ski lift to the upper reaches of the mountain and people were quite worried that I was walking away from the lift when it was due to stop for the night in the next 30 minutes. My plans for a leisurely exploration of the range the next day were somewhat curtailed by the wind that bfbfb bfbfbf bfbfb

blew snow in from Antarctica overnight. I was only just warm enough despite wearing everything I had brought with me, and the weather was getting worse. By the time I got back to my car in Thredbo there was 10 cm of snow on it. Driving back into Victoria was not without incident. I got the car into a four-wheel skid at one point and only just missed the barrier. Not really the kind of thing to do in a hire car with an insurance excess of $1000.

Scamell's Lookout
Scamell's Lookout on the road from Omeo to Corryong

My wild campsite at about 1,800 m

Yes it was snowing in late October!

The infant Snowy River

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