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Thames Head in Flood

The Source of the Thames December 2000

Just outside Kemble a bridge crosses a tributary of the Thames

The last time I went to the source of the Thames it was rather disapointing as there was no water. After the wettest autumn on record I figured that I would have a good chance of seeing the Thames flowing from its official source. So I set off on the long drive from London one crisp day in December 2000 to be rewarded with more water than I had bargained for. I did most of this walk with wet feet.

My first sight of the Thames was impressive it was almost up to the top of the arches of the bridge that carries the A 429. But before I got to that point I had to negotiate a normally tiny tributary. This was spread across the entire field and it wasn't very long before the water managed to get past my gaiters and find its way into my boots; I knew I should have worn wellies!

This is only about 2 or 3 km from the source

The flood waters at the source

The stone at the source.
Click to see what it looked
like in 1998.
Looking across to the stone marking the source

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